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About Us & What We Do

Listen, we’re not going to give you a glorified mission statement, instead, we’ll keep it as simple as possible and give you the honest truth. We are a team of young professionals who live and die by full customer satisfaction and quality. We always strive to make our clients as happy as possible. We do this by focusing on three important concepts.

Firstly, we closely work with you to find ways around your busy schedule and provide many convenient options for both appointment times and vehicle drop-off/pickup. This includes mobile services, shuttle/valet services, and flexible vehicle drop-off and pick-up systems.

Secondly, we always provide top-of-the-line quality of service that you simply will love. We bring years of experience, passion, and lots of energy to the industry. We won’t release your vehicle until you are 100% satisfied.

Thirdly, we offer the most competitive pricing you’ll find around, and that’s a promise! We guarantee transparent pricing, so we ensure that we’re on the same page with you in terms of pricing before we even start the job.

Our great reviews on Google and Facebook demonstrate that our clients understand and appreciate the unparalleled quality, expertise, and full customer satisfaction Limestone Car Detailing brings to each and every detail. We are only a phone call, text, or an email away, so don’t hesitate to contact us now to book your appointment and get your car feeling brand new again!

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Mobile Service

We want to make getting your car detailed as easy as possible, so we can come right to you! And we bring all the needed equipment to make your car look and feel brand new.

Do you work from home? No problem at all! We’ll completely take care of your vehicle right in your own driveway while you’re working, worry and stress-free!

Do you have to stay home to look after the kids or pets? No Problem at all! We’ll completely take care of your vehicle right in your own driveway while you look after them, worry and stress-free!

Or maybe you just simply want to stay home and watch TV? And in that case… No Problem at all! We’ll completely take care of your vehicle right in your own driveway while you relax, worry, and stress-free!

Valet/Shuttle Service

We are also proud to offer a unique shuttle/valet service where we pick up you or your vehicle from wherever you desire, make it look and feel brand new, and deliver it right back to you in a timely manner!

Are you at work all day? No problem at all! We’ll pick up your vehicle from your workplace, make it look and feel brand new, and deliver it back to your workplace before you’re done work so you can drive your perfectly clean, shiny, and beautifully smelling car straight home!

Do you live in an apartment building and you don’t have a driveway with running water? No problem at all! We’ll come to pick up your vehicle, make it look and feel brand new, and deliver it back to you in a timely manner!

Flexible Vehicle Drop-off/Pickup

We also offer flexible vehicle drop-off and pick-up times at our location at 1792 Bath Rd. Kingston. You can choose to drop off your vehicle 24/7 whenever you please and deposit the keys in our secure key drop-off box. We’ll take full care of your vehicle and you can come to pick it up whenever you please, or we can either deliver the car back to you once it's all done!

$99 /Starting
Ideal for a basic detail of your vehicle.

Exterior hand wash
Tires are cleaned & shined
Rims are hand washed
Interior vacuumed & wiped
Mats are pressure washed
Door jams are hand washed
$149 /Starting
Ideal for a thorough interior detailing experience.

Standard package, plus
Interior detailing + carpets
Rubber mats
Crevices & seams
Exterior polish is applied

$199 /Starting
Ideal for a shiny exterior with added protection for your vehicle.

Platinum package, plus
Seats are shampooed
Exterior bug removal
Exterior iron decontamination
Exterior paint sealant
engine bay cleaning
Ceramic Coating
Our process is: wash, iron, clay bar, 1-2 stage paint correction, and 1 layer of coating on body.

$599 /Starting

1 year Coating

Larger vehicles $699+

$799 /Starting

3 year Coating

Larger vehicles $999+

$1299 /Starting

5 year Coating

Larger vehicles $1599+

$1599 /Starting

7 year Coating

Larger vehicles $1899+
Rim coating ($150-$250)
Glass coating ($100-$150)
Interior coating for fabric & leather ($150-$250)
additional layers ($150)

Ceramic Coating

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer based product that is applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle. Ceramic coating chemically bonds with your vehicle's paint creating a layer of protection that is thick similar to your paint's clear coat. Often the term 9H or 10H hardness is linked with ceramic coating, referring to the pencil scale of hardness test.

Ceramic coating is a paint protection that creates a semi-permanent bond that does not wash away or needs to be applied every month such as a wax.

Ceramic coating replaces wax as it is the new way of protection for your vehicle. It is also known as nano-coating, nano-technology, or glass coating.

Why Ceramic Coat your Vehicle?

Protect your investment: Ceramic coating protect's your vehicle from everyday wear and tear, paint fading, rusting, UV protection, minor scratches, swirl marks, bird dropping, mud, dirt, & acid rain.

Gloss properties: Ceramic coating provides a longer lasting sheen and protection to your vehicle and essentially eliminates from continuous waxing.

Low maintance: Less car washes with ceramic coated vehicles. Provides hydrophonic properties that repell water and make maintaining your vehicle much easier as dirt is easily removed. Save's you time and money from constant car washes.

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